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Create This Sweet Christmas Snowman Candy Dome

Create This Sweet Christmas Snowman Candy Dome

Party favors at Christmas time are a great way to decorate table setups or you can use them as stocking fillers. They bring color and cheer to any event or gathering. In this article I’m going to show you how to create a layered Snowman Candy Dome. I will also be filling this Christmas ornament with sweet chocolatey treats. These domes are super easy to make with your Cricut or any other cutting machine. Get your family and friends to join in, just don’t eat all the candy!

Create This Sweet Christmas Candy Dome 11

For this project, we only need a few items.

Materials and Equipment

Cutting machine - this can be your Cricut, Silhouette, or any other cutting machine (it will be too big for the Cricut Joy)

Design - Christmas Candy Dome Ornaments

6x Cardstock A4 or 30cm x 30cm - 160gms in red, white, pink, black, light brown and orange (shake things up with some glitter cardstock)

3.15” or 8cm Clear plastic ornament dome/ball - you want the kind that splits in half (see image below)

Hot Glue Gun

Glue dots or double sided mounting tape

Sweets (of course!)

If you want to hang this candy dome on a Christmas tree, you will need a very thick black cutout base to carry the weight of the sweets.

Materials and Equipment for Candy Dome

I will be using my Cricut Maker and Cricut Design Space for this project. But you can easily follow with your machine and software. I can’t wait to make this adorable Snowman candy dome!

Upload Your Design

You will need to know how to unzip a file before you can upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space. Here I have uploaded and added the cute Snowman design to my canvas.

Upload Candy Dome to Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is very intuitive in that it will separate the colors for cutting. All you need to do is click Make It in the top right-hand corner.

Cut Out The Layered Card Stock

On the next page, select On Mat, 30cm x 30cm and click Continue.

Select Mat size for Cricut Design Space

On the left side, you will see six mats. Each mat will represent the layer color that will be cut. The white layer will be cut first in the order. Click Continue to choose a material setting.

Mats arranged according to color

Select your material cut setting. I chose Cardstock (for intricate cuts) and left the Pressure as Default. Next, load your cutting mat with material and the blade. Follow the instructions to cut.

Select Material settings in Cricut Design Space

Assemble the Layered Snowman Candy Dome

After cutting, we can start putting this yummy Snowman together

Cut layers of Snowman Candy Dome

Get your hot glue gun ready. Fill the half dome with sweets and place it on the black cutout (base). Position over the pullout tab in the middle of the Snowman. Use the hot glue gun to attach the half dome to the black base.

Don’t worry about being a bit messy here, the other layers will cover this.

Use glue gun to attach dome to cutout

Test out the light brown cutout layer over the dome to see if it sits nicely. If you added too much hot glue, use a crafting knife to cut a little bit away. Add your double sided tape or glue dots to the back side of the brown layer.

Attach tape or glue dots to paper cutout

Carefully place this layer over the dome and attach it to the black layer cutout.

Assemble layers of 3D Candy Dome

Carry on and add the tape or glue dots to the back of the other layers. Then, place the cutouts in the following order: pink, orange and white. Finally, add the red cutout pieces.

Completed Snowman Candy Dome

This fun candy dome turned out so cute! Turn over the candy dome and you will see the pull tab at the back. This makes it easy to open and eat the sweets!

Pull tab on 3D Snowman Candy Dome

All done! So easy and fun to make, there are three designs included in this bundle. Make as many as you like for all your friends and family. Adults enjoy candy domes too (well, I do!).

My Snowman is ready to be gifted with colorful sweets and a cheerful character. I can’t wait to make more! What are your favorite candy dome designs on Design Bundles?

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