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How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC
  • By Design Bundles
  • 07 Dec 2016
  • 7 Mins
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How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC

After downloading files, you'll need to unzip them with the steps in this tutorial!

We will be showing you how to unzip a file on your PC in this tutorial. As technology advances, files become much larger in size. The Zip file format allows for size compression of multiple files without losing data. This works well for large file downloads as well as conserving space on your PC. In order to use the files in the folder, they need to be unzipped first.

For this tutorial we will be using this summer fun svg bundle. If you are using a Mac, have a look at our tutorial on opening zip files on a Mac.

Step 1 - Open the Downloads Folder

You can quickly access the downloaded Zip file at the bottom of your browser if using Google Chrome. This may be different for each browser.

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the arrow next to the download at the bottom of the page. Click on Show in Folder where you will be taken to the Downloads folder.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

You can also go straight to your Downloads Folder on your PC to access the file there. The Downloads folder will be found under the shortcut, This PC, on your desktop. Click on this folder to open.

On the left side menu, under This PC, click on Downloads. All of the files that downloaded to that location will appear on the right hand side. Scroll down until you find your downloaded Zip file.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

Step 2 - Unzip the downloaded Zip file

You will know if a file is a Zip file by the zip icon along the icon image. In order to see this more clearly, we increased the size of our icon view to Extra large.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

You can extract the files in this folder one of two ways. Either way works just fine and both are quick and easy to do.

Right Click and Extra All

For the first method, in the Downloads folder, right click > Extract All. A window will appear asking you to select a location. Click on Browse then choose your location. In this case, we created a new folder first, then saved this as our location.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

Click Ok on the Select a destination window. You can tick the box, Show extracted files, when complete. This will open the location window where your files will be extracted to. Now click Extract. An extraction window will show the progress before closing once done.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

Drag and Drop Method

Using the Drag and drop method, you first need to click on the Zipped file to open it. Then, select all of the files in the folder by going to Home and clicking Select All. You can then drag and drop the files into your folder location.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

Keep in mind that when extracting multiple zip folders, to create new folders for each one. If you don’t, you will end up with a mass of unorganized files. In the example above we didn’t create a new folder but as we only unzipped one file, that was ok.

To create a new folder, in the location folder, right click > New > Folder.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

We right clicked in our Unzipped folder and created a new one. Then we copied the files over to this folder.

How to Unzip a Zip file on your PC 10

Now that you know how to unzip a zip file on your PC, working with the format is a breeze. Downloads are quicker with the Zip format and extracting them is an easy, simple process.

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