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How to Make A Dog Memorial Christmas Ornament In 3 Steps

How to Make A Dog Memorial Christmas Ornament In 3 Steps

It’s heartbreaking when we lose one of our four legged family members. When it comes to creating a remembrance gift, there are plenty of options available on Design Bundles. Each design is created with care, love and respect by our independent designers. In only 3 easy to follow steps, I will show you how to create a dog memorial Christmas ornament.

This ornament can also be gifted to friends and family as a pet keepsake or pet remembrance gift. It's a wonderful way to send your condolences if you are at a loss for words.

The dog memorial SVG that I'm using is simple yet lovely, featuring paw prints as part of the design. We have also included a link further down in the article for our loveable cat families. You only need a few materials, which you most likely already have on hand!

You are not restricted to just creating ornaments. You can also craft ideas such as memorial lanterns, framed wall décor, keychains, sympathy cards, window decals, or add to a t-shirt with HTV. The only limit is your imagination.

Materials and Equipment

Design - I am using this Dog Memorial Christmas ornament. It is also available in The Beginners Christmas Craft Bundle, but for a short time only.

8cm/3.15” Clear Acrylic round with a hole at the top - my acrylic round has resin and glitter applied on the one side.

There are various ways you can create an acrylic glitter effect. If you need a visual guide, Crystal has an excellent step by step video on how to create a glitter acrylic keychain.

Piece of silk Ribbon - I chose a lovely red ribbon with a gold patterned edge.

Oracal 651 permanent vinyl - this vinyl is easily available but you can use any outdoor vinyl for longer lasting results. I chose black for this project.

Transfer tape - to transfer the vinyl onto the acrylic round.

Scraper and weeding tool - to remove unwanted pieces of vinyl.

Materials needed for Christmas Ornament

Need something for a cat lover? Have a look at our cat memorial Christmas SVG bundle.

Your purchased design will most likely be available as a zip file. If you have never worked with this type of file before, then check out our tutorial on unzipping your file for a quick start guide.

Step 1 - Upload Your SVG to Cricut Design Space

After downloading your purchased design, open Cricut Design Space. We need to first upload the design before we can actually cut it. We have a very helpful tutorial on how to upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space if you need further information. Select the uploaded SVG and add it to the canvas.

Cricut Design Space - Paw Prints SVG Upload

Next, you will need to resize it according to the size of your acrylic round. Measure out the acrylic round and decide on how big you want the SVG to be. Then, at the top of the menu, make sure that the small lock icon shows as locked. This keeps our design consistent while we change the size.

If the design is not uniform, it needs to be adjusted on the longest side. In my case, the width was adjusted to 6cm/2.36”. But I also wanted to extend the size of the SVG to better fit my acrylic ornament.

Cricut Design Space - lock paw prints SVG aspect ratio

In order to adjust the height without affecting the width, I need to unlock the sizing. Click to unlock the lock icon and then adjust the height. The width will remain at 6cm and not change. I then edited the height to 5cm/1.97”.

The size is just perfect for my acrylic circle. It will fit nicely without overlapping as well as make full use of the space.

Unlock Paw Prints SVG ratio in Cricut Design Space

When working with a design like this, there is a very important step you don't want to forget. You want everything to cut exactly as you see it on your screen. So you will need to perform a small action using the Attach option.

First, click and drag out a selection box around everything. Next, go to the bottom right corner and click on the Attach icon. By doing this, your design will be cut as a single piece and not be rearranged all over the mat.

Step 2 - Cut Your SVG Design for Your Christmas Ornament

We are ready to start cutting out our dog memorial SVG. On the top right corner, click on the Make It button. You will be taken to a new window. Here you will be asked if you want to cut on a mat and what size you want to use.

With my Cricut Maker selected, I chose to use a standard sized mat 30cm x 30cm. Make your selection and then click on Continue.

Cricut Design Space - mat selection and size

In the new window you will see your mat(s) on the left side of the screen. Cricut Design Space will arrange your design setup according to color. Since we attached everything, our design will be placed on a single mat.

Go ahead and select your material. Choose a selected favorite or click on Browse Materials to find what you are looking for. The pressure can also be changed, if you think it's needed, after selecting the material.

It's a good idea to test out any new material before you begin. The ready made cut settings in Cricut Design Space are a great starting point. You can then test and save the settings for your material as a custom setting for next time.

We have a great tutorial on editing material settings in Cricut Design Space that shows how to save your settings.

After I did a few test runs, I found out that my particular material needed additional pressure when cutting. To change this, I clicked on the Pressure drop down menu and selected “More”. You will be asked to load your mat into your machine and insert the Fine Point Blade.

Follow the instructions and when ready, click Go if using a Cricut Joy or hit the “C” button on the Maker.

Cricut Design Space - adjust cutting pressure

Step 3 - Apply The Permanent Vinyl and Complete your Ornament

After cutting the design, "weed" out or remove the unwanted pieces. Apply the transfer tape over the SVG and burnish the area with your scraper until the vinyl has been transferred to the tape. Then, place both on the acrylic round. Burnish until the vinyl has transferred to the acrylic round and slowly remove the transfer tape.

If you are struggling to get the vinyl to stick to the tape or the acrylic, lay the tape back over, burnish and slowly lift again.

Apply Paw Prints permanent vinyl on Christmas Ornament

Thread your ribbon through the top of the acrylic and tie a knot at the end. Your dog memorial Christmas decoration is now finished and ready to hang on the tree. It's such a quick and easy beginner's craft that anyone can make this.

Well done on creating a very special dog ornament in memory of your beloved pet. Whether the ornament is for you or for someone else, it's a lovely sentiment that will always be cherished.

Completed Dog Memorial Christmas ornament

Our furry family will always leave a paw print on our hearts and will never be forgotten. Memorial Christmas ornaments are a great way to remember your loved ones every year.

Did you know that Design Bundles also offers an awesome collection of FREE SVGs? Designs are available to download instantly and you are sure to find something you love. Every design includes a dual license for commercial and personal use backed by our fantastic customer care.

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