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How to Make a Snowflake Card with your Cricut Joy

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy cards are a fun way to give your gift that extra special touch. With tons of designs available, you can easily and quickly create beautiful cards in no time. You can use either Cricut ready-made card packs, or create your own. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a snowflake card with your Cricut Joy, and then transform it with a lovely holographic insert.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 1

Materials Needed To Make This Card

Design - Merry Christmas Snowflake card

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Cricut Joy cutting machine

Cricut Joy card cutting mat - this is the single mat

Cricut Joy cards with inserts - you can also make your own, full size is 8.5 in x 5.5 in (21.59cm 13.9cm), 120-160gsm.

Cricut Joy Pens - I chose a Black Pen 0.8 (30 pack) and Silver Marker 1.0 (3 pack)

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 2

Looking for more ideas to expand your skills? Be sure to check out the amazing collection of Cricut Joy Cards that Design Bundles has on offer. You will find designs for all kinds of project themes, including birthdays, special events, seasonal items or even just to say hello with a cute bear.

Don’t forget to unzip your purchased downloads before beginning.

Step 1 - Upload The Cricut Joy SVG Card File

Follow this quick to upload your SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space.

The snowflake SVG cut area fits the Cricut card size pack of 4.25 in x 5.5 in (10.7cm x 13.9cm). The insert is 4 in x 5.25 in (10.1cm x 13.3cm).

Make sure that your Cricut Joy has been selected. At the top right corner, click on the drop-down menu and select your machine.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 3

Change The Cut Operation to The Pen

The snowflake line drawing and Merry Christmas need to be adjusted from cut lines to pen lines. As we are using two kinds of pens, each one needs to be changed.

In the layers panel on the right, click on the first layer in the group. This will select the Merry Christmas wording. Next, go to the top left menu, click on Operation and select Pen. You will see a lined square appear next to the word Pen.

Click on this box, then select Fine Point Pen from the drop-down menu and check the box for Black. You can choose any color you want. It does help to keep the color consistent so you don't get confused during the cutting process and what needs to be loaded next.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 4

Repeat this process for the snowflake lines. Click on the second layer on the right side to select the snowflake lines. Go to Operation, then Pen and click on the lined box. This time, from the drop-down menu, click on Marker (1mm) then select Silver.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 5

Attach the Snowflake SVG Design

Before we can begin cutting, we need to select and attach all of the elements. This then tells Cricut Design Space to cut and draw exactly as it sees on the screen.

Select everything, then go to the bottom right corner and click on Attach.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 6

Step 2 - Cut The Cricut Joy Christmas Card

We are now ready to cut out our Cricut Joy card! First, place your cardstock on the mat. Unlike the usual mat where you simply place the card down, the card mat has been designed to accommodate ready to cut cards.

Place Material On Cricut Joy Card Mat

The mat itself has a divider. On the top side of this divider is the sticky mat area. Slide the back of the card behind/under this divider and place it flush with the top. Use the guidelines to align the edges before peeling back the protective cover and pressing the front of the card down on the sticky mat.

The provided guidelines on the mat make placement so much easier. The mat also provides guidelines for three sizes of cards, so you are not restricted to just one size.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 7

Select The Type Of Cricut Mat

With everything set up, go ahead and click on the Make It button top right of the screen. In the new window, you will be asked to select your mat. For this project we need to select the option On Card Mat, then click Confirm.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 8

In the Mat window you will see that both the Pen and Basic cut have been selected. Under Material size make sure that 4.25 in x 5.5 in (10.8cm x 13.97cm) has a tick next to it. This is the size card you will be cutting.

Click Continue bottom right.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 9

Choose Material Settings

We need to select a specific setting for the Cricut Cards. Click on Browse Materials and then select Insert Card - Cardstock.

If you are using your own cardstock, try the Intricate Card Setting with the Pressure set to Default. If you are using a thicker material, you may need to increase your pressure to get a cleaner cut. Do this by selecting the Pressure drop-down menu and then clicking on More.

Follow the instructions as seen on the screen. In this case, Design Space is asking that I insert the Silver Marker first, and my mat. Once this action has been completed it will then ask me to insert the Black color and when that’s done, the Fine Point Blade will be inserted to cut.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 10

When the machine has detected the mat, you can click on the Go button in the bottom right corner and let your machine do its magic.

After cutting, gently remove the card from the mat. The excess, unwanted cutouts will be left behind on the mat, which you can clean off later. Now, slide the holographic insert into the corner slots from the inside of the front of the card. These slots will hold the insert in place.

How To Make a Snowflake Card With Your Cricut Joy 11

Your Cricut Joy snowflake card is now ready for your gifting list. Just imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends when they see these beautiful creations. You can create a variation of ideas with unique designs or change up the inserts with textured or metallic cards.

Get creative with some leftover glitter sticker vinyl and apply it to cardstock. It's a great way to make use of the items you already have on hand.

Did you know that Design Bundles also offers a huge selection of FREE design resources? Find FREE Cricut Joy Cards templates and so much more, instantly downloadable with commercial and personal use licenses.

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