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Personalized Santa Sack Design Bundles

How To Make A Personalized Santa Sack

A personalized Santa Sack is a great way to add a touch of magic to Christmas morning. It also helps to have little bit of order in your living room as you attempt to keep everyone's presents together. You can start a new holiday tradition of leaving the bags under the tree or where the child falls asleep. Watch your child burst with excitement as they read their name on a bag from the North Pole!

Today, I'm sharing with you how I made this personalized Santa sack using a premade template found in the Santa Sack SVG Bundle Vol. 2 by Ollive Studio.

Design Bundles also has a video if you prefer a visual guide on how to make a Santa Sack. Jump right on over to the Santa Sack SVG Bundle that Crystal used in the video.

*Please take note: the Giveaway mentioned (2:04) has ended and is no longer applicable. But this Santa Sack Crystal made is so adorable!

The festive season is that much brighter with hand made gifts. So let's get started.

We will go over the supplies needed and the steps required to complete the craft. Soon, you too will have a personalized Santa sack to fill with Christmas goodies.

How To Make A Personalized Santa Sack

What You'll Need To Create Your Santa Sack

You will need a couple of supplies to create this craft. Most, if not all, should already be in your craft room!

  • Santa sack- I am using a large cotton sack about 26.7 x 18.9 inches that you can find on Amazon
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl- Red and Black
  • Your cutting Machine
  • a 12x24 mat
  • Heat press
  • SVG File - I used a file from the Santa Sack SVG Bundle Vol. 2 from Ollive Studio.

Materials needed for Santa Sack Project

How To Make A Personalized Santa Sack

Making a Santa sack is a relatively easy project. Depending on the size, it can be cut on one sheet of vinyl. The Santa sack we are making is quite large. However, I will be showing you a few easy tricks for cutting an off-the-mat design while still keeping most of the design welded together. This makes it so it is easy to put back together! You will need a 12x24 mat to complete this project.

Step 1- Upload SVG Into Design Space

Upload the design, Santasack2, from the Santa Sack SVG Bundle Vol. 2 into Design Space. Do this by going to Upload in the left side menu. Next, click on Upload Image then find the Santasack2.SVG from the bundle you purchased from Design Bundles.

Upload image in Cricut Design Space

Next, select the uploaded Santasack2 from your recent upload list towards the bottom of your screen. Then Add to Canvas.

If you need more information, do check out our tutorial on uploading SVGs to Cricut Design Space.

Step 2- Measure Your Sack

You will need to measure out the empty space on your sack for the correct measurements. If you purchased the recommended sack in the supply list, a good size for our design will be 15.5 for the width and 23.309 for the height.

To change your image size, go-to Size in the top menu, and type in 15.5 for the width.

Change image size in Cricut Design Space

Tip: Make sure the option Lock Proportions (shown as a small lock at the top) is locked when changing the width size. This will keep your image from being stretched and will automatically give you the correct height for your design.

Step 3- Personalization

Add a name to personalize the bag inside the brackets of the design. Go to your Text Tool in the left-hand menu. Type your name into the text box provided. Then, click on the font box in the top menu and select a font. Speaking of fonts, did you know that Font Bundles has tons of FREE Fonts to choose from?

Design School has an awesome tutorial on using fonts in Cricut Design Space to help you get started.

Add text and change font Cricut Design Space

To resize the text, click and drag the arrow circle on the bottom right of the text box. You can also change the color by going up to the top menu and clicking on the color box next to the Operation drop-down menu.

Step 4- Weld Pieces Together

Weld together the first group in your design. This will be the black areas in the "stamp". Leave the red reindeer separate.

Next, Weld together the second group. This will be "Don't open before."

Weld together the third group. It says, "Special delivery for."

Weld the fourth group, which reads, "December 25th".

Weld the fifth group next. It reads, "North pole mail."

Once those are welded, now it is time to make cutting and assembling a little easier. You are going to take a few of those welded groups and weld them together.

Welded elements in Cricut Design Space

Weld together the words "North pole mail" and the reindeer.

Weld the name brackets and the name.

Weld "Special delivery" and the black part of the stamp.

Your layer panel should resemble the one posted above.

Step 5- Cut Your Design

When you're ready, click or tap on Make It at the top right of your screen. This will separate your design into four mats, two black and two red. Design Space will alert you that your image is larger than 11.5 in height or width. Push OK to continue.

Don't worry about grouped pieces not being in order, this will be sorted out shortly once cut.

Click on Make It in Cricut Design Space

IMPORTANT - Be sure to select Mirror on every mat.

Choose your material settings and follow the instructions to cut. Proceed to cut all of the pieces.

Step 6- Apply HTV To The Bag

Weed the excess HTV from your sheets and separate pieces that don't belong together. Now is an excellent time to lay out all your pieces and get them lined up in the correct order. This gives you time to rearrange spacing before you press the HTV down permanently.

Position HTV on Santa Sack

Press each section for the allotted time, depending on your heat press. Use a piece of parchment paper or a Teflon sheet between the press and the HTV to prevent burning.

Your Santa sack is now complete and ready to be filled with Christmas goodies!

Completed Santa Sack Project

Happy Crafting!

We'd love to know what you think of this tutorial. If you make your own version, be sure to share images to social media and tag us or post them in our Facebook Group, The Design Bundles Customer Community.

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