Seller Spotlight: Createya Design

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design

Join us for another exciting installment in our Seller Spotlight series, where we celebrate the array of talented independent designers selling in our marketplace. In this edition, we chat with Olga from Createya Design, a Design Bundles seller since June 2020.

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design 1Image credit: Createya Design SVG Paper and Laser Cut

Createya Design caught our attention when Olga shared an excellent post in the Design Bundles Facebook community about their shop’s achievements since joining the marketplace!

Read on to discover Olga’s creative process, top tips for other sellers, future goals, and so much more.

Hey Olga! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Everyone! I’m Olga from Createya Design. For the last three years, I've been living in Tivat, Montenegro. Before moving here, I lived in Moscow, Russia. I'm quite new to design. But I always wondered how designers create digital products. So I started learning graphic design and illustration in September 2019 when I accidentally stumbled upon a course on Adobe Illustrator.

Design Bundles is my first marketplace. I've been here since June 2020. I am very pleased to see that my designs are bought and liked by a large number of people. I am still in search and trying to make designs for cutting machines and sublimation designs on Design Bundles. And I really like making stickers! I’ve got my first bundle invitation with my roses stickers. I was over the moon when I got this invitation!

After moving to Montenegro with my husband and two sons (now 9 and 12 years old), I wanted to find a job that brings me real pleasure, and I could combine with adapting to life in a new country, housekeeping, and caring for children. I can say that designing is my full-time job nowadays, and I'm incredibly interested in it now. I spend all my spare time doing that. As I enjoy creating digital art, I decided to try and turn that into a business.

What is your favorite product to design, and how did you discover it as a niche?

I'm always looking at what other shops are selling well, not only on Design Bundles but also on Etsy and more. As I said before, I'm new to design, and now I'm interested in creating cutting files.

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design 2Image credit: Createya Design SVG Paper and Laser Cut ‘Love stickers. Sticker Pack. Sticker svg. Valentine stickers’

When I watch videos of other designers, I am fascinated by how the cutting machine works. In the near future, I hope I will have my own Cricut and will use it for making home decorations, party decor, postcards, and much more.

How would you describe your style? And what (or who) inspires you to make new designs?

Now I draw fairly simple designs, but I am constantly learning how to improve my work. Purchasing the Cricut machine will greatly strengthen my confidence that I am doing everything correctly and easy to use for my customers.

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design 3Image credit: Createya Design SVG Paper and Laser Cut ‘Rolled flowers. Rolled flowers SVG. Rolled Paper flowers.’

Now I ask fellow designers who have cutting machines to test some of my files. I get my inspiration basically from Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Sometimes I see interesting designs in shop windows, and it gives me some ideas for future designs.

What does a typical day look like for you behind the scenes?

My day is quite busy because, in addition to household chores, I try to constantly learn new tricks in digital design and drawing, improve my skills in English (I'm not a native speaker) and other languages, and not forget about sports or yoga to maintain well-being and health.

A typical day starts for me at 6.30 am with preparing breakfast for my family. Then I wake my children up and take them to school. When I get back home after shopping, I get on with the housework and prepare lunch and dinner. After that, I start to work or study. At 2.30 pm I pick up my younger child from school, sometimes I pick up my older son at 4 pm.

Twice a week, both of my kids have sports training (at 7.30 am for the older son and 6.30 pm for the younger), and I need to drop off and pick them up. I can think about new designs while waiting for them or watching interesting or educational videos about design and cutting machines.

So at 9 pm, my children go to bed, and sometimes if I have the energy, I continue my design work until 11 pm, then go to bed, read or listen to some books.

What is your designing tool (or tools) of choice?

I design mostly with my MacBook Pro and my mouse. I use Adobe Illustrator, but recently I got an iPad with an Apple pencil, and now I'm learning how to use it.

What’s your best-selling item?

At the moment, I have only 192 designs—the most popular are the Christmas gnomes and Easter porch signs.

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design 4

Image credit: Createya Design SVG Paper and Laser Cut ‘Gnome SVG. Christmas Gnome Cut File. Gnome bundle svg.’

What's something you wish you knew when you started designing? 

How many nuances you need to know, and how much you need to research before starting to create a design. How time-consuming designing is and how long it takes to upload a design, select keywords, and write descriptions.

What tips do you have for any new designers wanting to start selling?

Don’t give up when sales don’t come rolling in straight away. Continue to gradually and regularly add new designs and track trends. The main thing is to enjoy what you do.

Do you have any future goals for your Design Bundles shop?

Of course, I want to continue to replenish my store with new designs. I really like working and selling on Design Bundles. They are an amazing company that cares about both the designers and their customers!

Seller Spotlight: Createya Design 5

Image credit: Createya Design SVG Paper and Laser Cut ‘Easter porch sign. Easter porch. Easter welcome sign.’

The attentive support team always tries to help and answer all questions. A lot of useful information can be found on the Design Bundles site. I'm glad I got to this marketplace.

Where can we find you online?

I am on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Thanks so much, Olga, for taking part in the Design Bundles Seller Spotlight series. We loved learning more about you, your creative process, inspiration, and top tips. And a big thanks to our wonderful readers and designer community. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Seller Spotlight series.

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