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Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables

Join us for another exciting installment in our Seller Spotlight series, where we celebrate the array of talented independent designers selling in our marketplace. In this edition, we chat with Jennifer from SVG Cuttables.

Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables 6

Image credit: SVG Cuttables


Jennifer is one of our best-selling designers and has been with Design Bundles since October 2017. Jennifer’s shop, SVG Cuttables, boasts nearly 2,000 unique designs! 


Read on to discover Jennifer’s creative process, top tips for other sellers, proudest achievement as a Design Bundles seller, and so much more.


Hey Jennifer! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is Jennifer Peek, and I live in Missouri, USA, with my husband, two children (23 and 19), two dogs, and six cats. I work on my SVG business full time. When I’m not working, I love to garden, watch murder shows, and do puzzles. 


I got my hairdresser license after I graduated high school but found that I am too much of an introvert for that job. I wanted a job where I could be with my children and was so happy when I realized I could make t-shirts from home. I had to make designs for my t-shirt business which I loved doing, and found a new passion.


What is your favorite product to design, and how did you discover it as a niche?


My favorite product type is svg cut files for t-shirts. Since I had a t-shirt business, I know more about that type of design, what cuts well, weeds good, and what it will feel like on a shirt if there are too many layers.

 Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables 6

Image credit: SVG Cuttables ‘Kindness Bundle SVG | Kind Shirt Designs’


How would you describe your style? And what (or who) inspires you to make new designs?

I would describe my style as minimal, a little cute, a little sophisticated, and a little vintage. I get inspiration everywhere. I have a folder on my computer where I save ideas that inspire me, and I can look through them when I need an idea.


Examples would be different things you can do to a font to make it stand out, like giving it an outline, curving the text, angling it, adding patterns, distressing it, or slicing it. 

 Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables 6

Image credit: SVG Cuttables ‘Crafting SVG | Life Is Better When You're Crafting.’


I also do a lot of market research. I want to know who I am making designs for and what they want. Facebook groups are a great way to find out what is trending and what your customers are interested in at the moment.


What does a typical day look like for you behind the scenes?


On a typical day, I begin around 9:00 a.m., answering emails and messages before I start designing and listing, which I do until 5:00 p.m. In addition, I do a lot of organizing and researching; that’s why I don’t get the amount of work done that I would like to get done. 


At 5:00 p.m., I go downstairs and cook dinner and relax for the rest of the evening... just kidding! 


I watch educational videos on Skillshare so I can learn new design skills, answer customer questions, and do more research. To make sure I don’t get burnt out and can spend time with my family, I take weekends off.


What is your designing tool (or tools) of choice? And what’s your best-selling item?


My design tools of choice are CorelDRAW the most, Adobe Illustrator when there is something CorelDRAW cannot do and Procreate, which I have started learning how to use.

 Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables 6

Image credit: SVG Cuttables ‘Sarcastic SVG Bundle | Funny SVG Cut Files | Shirt Bundle.’


My best-selling item is my sarcastic bundle. I love making funny shirt designs and putting together great font combos.

What's something you wish you knew when you started designing? 


I wish I knew in the beginning how important it was to have organized files. When you start getting thousands of files, you have to be organized, so I have a spreadsheet that helps me with that. I also wish I knew to save a live version of all designs and thumbnails so I could go back and make changes easily and be able to know what font I used. 


What tips do you have for any new designers wanting to start selling?


My tips for new designers are: 


- It takes time to build a store, so don’t give up!


- The more you make, the better you get.


- Market research is very important. Know who your target customer is and what they want.


- Presentation is almost or just as important as the product.


- Take design classes in your extra time. The more you learn, the more you earn.

 Seller Spotlight: SVG Cuttables 6

Image credit: SVG Cuttables ‘Dog SVG | It's Not Drinking Alone | Shirt Design.’


What is your proudest achievement since opening your Design Bundles shop? And where can we find you online?


My proudest achievement is having three designs on the front page of Design Bundles at one time. My website is and my Facebook is @svgcuttables.


Thanks so much, Jennifer, for taking part in the Design Bundles Seller Spotlight series. We loved learning more about you, your creative process, inspiration, and top tips. And a big thanks to our wonderful readers and designer community. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Seller Spotlight series.

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