American Flag SVGs

In the spirit of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," we declare that web/graphic designers, artists, crafters, business owners, and creatives of all kinds can now access our awe-inspiring American flag svg collection.

Expect to find hundreds of easy to download SVGs featuring: American flags with quotes and sayings, American flag silhouettes, United States Map, American heroes, Independence day graphics, American first responders, USA lips, USA hearts, monograms, the Statue of Liberty, waving American flags, heck there is an American flag for every occasion.

The Design Bundles American flag svgs are available for both personal and commercial use, making this collection the land of opportunity for Patriots to pursue creative happiness in business or pleasure. It’s time to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave!

'Tis the Star-Spangled Banner, O Long May It Wave

Our American flag svg files include a plethora of illustrations, clipart, crafter packs, and more that you can download in a few easy clicks. The premium svg files are compatible with the most popular design software and digital cutting tools on the market, allowing you the freedom to follow any design dream that your heart desires.

A single purchase, from our range of American flag svgs files can make themed logos, social media graphics, blog banners, monograms, teaching-aids, postcards, greetings cards, bunting, decorations, art prints, jumpers, t-shirts, wrapping paper, gift tags, mugs, party invitations, soft furnishings, tote bags, traditional marketing materials, or notebook covers. The collection also lends itself to scrapbooking, vinyl decals, paper crafting, and web design.

Are you ready to level up your USA design-related pursuits? Check out our American flag svg themed craft suggestion below!

Up-Cycle Your Blue Jeans This Independence Day

At age 18, a Bavarian immigrant by the name of Loeb Strauss traveled to the USA to pursue the American dream. By 1853, Loeb opened Levi Strauss & Co in San Francisco, California. Yes, we’re talking about the founder of Levi’s - one of the most famous brands of jeans available today.

Hopefully, our historical ditty has inspired you to dress to impress this July 4th. And is there anything more American than blue jeans? Why adding an American flag-themed image transfer to your jean pocket, of course!

Here’s a top tip: Avoid the environmental pitfalls of disposable fashion by customizing an old pair of jeans you already own.

After you have downloaded your favorite from our American flag svg files, customize/scale the design using digital software. Depending on the image, you might need to flip it before printing. You can always do a test print on standard paper if you are unsure. After you are happy with the design, print it out on transfer paper and trim to fit.

You can then iron the image onto your jean pocket and leave to cool. Finally, gently peel back the transfer paper to reveal the design! As individual transfer paper varies, it’s super important to read the instructions, including the appropriate aftercare for your customized garment.

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