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Foiling a SVG file in cricut design space using the foil quill

1- Open cricut design space. Click on new project.

2- Click on the upload icon.


3- Click on the upload icon.


4- Click on browse.


5- Select your SVG file. I am using a file from designbundles.net


6- With SVG files they are already a cut file, so there will be no need to edit the file. Name your file and save.


7- Select your saved file and insert into the design space.


8- With your design selected, click the line type drop down box.


9- Select draw.


10- In the layer panel on the right, you can see that the design is in several pieces. If we try to click on make it now, the design will not appear all together on the cut page. This is because cricut design space automatically try to cut/draw the most efficient way. to avoid this, Select all of your design and click on attach. This will attach all the design together so it will cut/draw together.


11- As you can see the design is all together no it has been attached.

Click continue.


12- Next adjust your media type, insert the foil quill into bracket A and then you can select Go once the mat is loaded.


13- On your media type dial, select your media type. Click go.


14- Your design will start to foil.


15- your design will be foiled.

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