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Setting up a multi color foiling SVG file in SCAL4 to use in cricut design space.

1- Open SCAL4. Click on the trace icon.


2- A new trace window will appear. Click on choose a file.


3- Select your file. I am using Pineapple SVG monograms from designbundles.net


4- Your file will appear in the preview window.


5-  In the dropdown box select color layers. Make sure the number of colors exceeds the actual number of colors on the design. Once all the design is traced in separate colors click OK.


6- Your design will appear in your workspace.


7- Separate the different parts of your design.


8- With some designs you may need to manually separate parts of a design. If you need to do this, right click on the design and then select break apart.


9- Select the bits you do not need and remove them from the rest of your design.


10- With the rest of the part you need, select all of it, then go to path- object to path.


11- When you select preview you can see that the lines are all there to be foiled.


12- go to file- export to save as a SVG.


13- Make sure you save at 72dpi and select the design space compatible icon if you are using cricut design space to foil with.



14- When using cricut design space to foil, open the design space area. click on upload.


15- Click on the upload then the browse icon.


16- Save the SVG file.


17- Insert the file into your workspace.


18- Right click and ungroup the design.


19- Select each part of the file separately and  go to the line style dropdown box and click draw. then adjust the line color so each different selection to foil is a different color. This will make it easier to foil.



20- Select the design and click attach, this will make sure that the design will stay in place when you go to foil.

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