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How to create foiled sticker file in SCAL4 to use in cricut design space

1- Open SCAL4. Select the import icon on the top.


2- Select the design you would like to use on your stickers.


3- Next go to the library, select a circle for the cut part of the file.


4- Place the circle around the design.


5- go to the document icon and change the paper size from 12x12 to A4


6- Resize the the design to the sticker size you need.


7- Right click object then duplicate. A new window will appear. Select the number of rows and columns. Click OK.



8- Using the layers tab on the left select all of the designs without the cut circle lines then right click - group.


9- Now select all the cut circle lines together on the layers tab and right click - group.


10- Once you are happy with the sticker placement etc, go to file - export. Save as a SVG file.


11- To use the file in cricut design space, open the program. Click upload.


12- Click on upload then browse.


13- Select and save your design. Upload to the design space.


14- Separate the 2 parts of the design. Select the circles and right click. Send to the back.


15- Next select the design within the circles and go to line type and select draw. with all the design selected select attach.


16- When you go to the make screen, you will see 2 mats, one to foil and one to cut. Foil the design first, then cut the file.

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