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How to use a PDF file in Cricut design space

Posted on 25th February 2018
1- Open Cricut design space and click on new project.


2- We need to convert the PDF to a usable file in CDS so the easiest way is to use a PDF converter.

I am using PDF converter. Click on upload documents.


3- A new window will open. find your PDF and open.


4- You will see your file getting converted.


5- Download the new file. it will appear as a zipped file. Unzip the file.


6- Go back to CDS and click on upload.


7- Select upload images.


8- Click on browse.


9- Select the converted PDF.


10- The file will appear in your upload image screen. you will see that even though you have converted to a PNG there is still white around your images. IF we cut at this point all we would have is a large rectangle.

I am using Valentine doodle clipart from

 11- We need to remove the white parts so click on complex and then continue.


12- Click on the magic wand. Then click the white area.


13- All the white will be removed.


14- You can also use the eraser tool to remove any extra pieces you do not need. Once you are happy click on preview.


15- Check the silhouettes each one will be a cut line. Click continue.


16- Select print and cut and save.


17- Your file will be now in your library. select it and insert.


18- Your design will appear on your design area. resize and then click make it.


19- The print and cut lines will appear around your design. follow the prompts to print then cut your design.

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