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How To Use The Slice Tool In Cricut Design Space To Split Images

Posted on 4th December 2016

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open Cricut Design Space.

2- Insert an image you would like to split in half..

3-  Click on Insert Shape on the left toolbar. Select Square and insert a rectangle shape.(you will need to insert a square and unlock the image to resize to make the rectangle.)

4- Highlight your rectangle then select Duplicate to create a second rectangle the same as the first.

We will use this second rectangle later.

5- Drag the rectangle over your image and place where you would like to split it. Ensure that the rectangle is larger than the width of your image.  Select both the image and rectangle together then click on Weld.

6-  your image will now have a rectangle welded into it with the sides sticking out.

7-  Place the second rectangle over the image, ensuring that it is evenly places over the rectangle we welded in previously. If the rectangle goes behind your image, just select arrange > move to front and this will bring it to the front of your image.

8-  Select both image and rectangle again and select Slice this time.

9-  You can remove all the unwanted pieces that are sliced out and delete. Just ensure you keep the rectangle as we will need this again.

10- Once the unwanted parts are removed you can see your image is split in 2, but it is still only 1 image, and we need to make it into 2 so we can move both pieces around freely.

11-  Take the rectangle and place it over the bottom half of your image. drag it so it covers the whole bottom half. Select both the rectangle and image again and select Slice again.

12- This will now have separated the bottom half of the image from the top. Removed the unwanted parts from the slice and delete. As you can see we now have 2 separate piece of the image to move around freely.

13-  You can now use the file as you need. This is a good method to make a monogram. I have added below some text to show you the effect this will create.

Fonts are from and the file is called Westmorland Font

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