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Editing toolbar in Cricut design space mobile app

Posted on 22nd June 2018

1-Open the Cricut design space app.


2- Tap on a new project.


3- Tap on the editing icon. A new toolbar will appear.



4- With the editing toolbar you can see the specifics of your shape size.


5- If you manually adjust your shape it will change on the edit toolbar.


6- You also have a rotate option.


7- As you rotate the degrees will appear in the edit toolbar.


8- You also have an arrange option. If there a is part of your design that is behind another shape you an select the shape you need to move and use the arrange option.


9- By selecting move back the shape will not be behind the second shape.


10- You can reselect at any time and move the shape back to the front.


11- The next tool is the align option.


12- You have the choice of aligning your shapes left, right, centre, top and bottom.


13- The last option is distribute.


14- You can select several shapes and distribute them horizontally.


15- You can also distribute vertically. If you need them to be aligned as well you can use the align tool.


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