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Upload icon in Cricut design space mobile app

Posted on 18th June 2018

1- Open the Cricut design space mobile app.

2- Tap on new project.


3- Tap on the Upload icon.


4- A new window will appear asking you where you would like to upload from.


5- Your image will appear in a new window. If uploading a PNG you will automatically see that your background is removed like below. If a jpeg there may still be a background which you can remove in this screen.


6- You have several tools to help you clean up your image ready for either making a cut file or a print and cut. The first icon is the remove tool.


7- This is a great tool that you can use to remove specific parts of an image. Click with the remove tool a specific colour on your image (i selected the black eyes)  and that colour will be removed.


8- The next tool is the erase tool.


9- Using the slider choose the size of the eraser. Then you can remove any part of the design.


10- Next is the crop tool.


11- In the new window you can adjust the crop lines to crop your design.


12-  Once you have cropped your design click the tick.


13- If you make an mistakes you can click on the undo and redo icons. When you are happy click next.


14- At this point you can adjust the edges. select either despeckle or smooth to adjust. Then click next.


15- In the next screen you need to choose to make the image either a cut image (1) or a print and cut (2). Once decided, select your choice and click next (3).


16- Your image will now be saved in your uploads.


17- Select your image and click insert.


18- The image will now appear in your design space. Adjust or add other parts to your design if needed.

Once happy click Make it.


19- You will see in the cut screen that if your design is a print and cut a black line will appear around your design and you will need to print then load your cut design.

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