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How to create curved text in Cricut design space mobile app

Posted on 16th July 2018

1-Open the Cricut design space app.

2- Tap on a new project.

3-  We need to make a circle to use for the curved text. You can use the shape icon to create a circle or you can tap on image to get one.


4- If using images find a simple circle. Insert the circle to your design space.


5- Resize your circle to the approx dimension you would like your curved text.


6- Select the text icon and select your font. I am using Amazinga from


7- Type your text.


8- Resize your text and then with the text selected tap on actions.


9-Tap on isolate letters.


10-Now your letters are separated you can start to create the curved text.


11- Take each letter and move it around the circle. then rotate to sit directly on your circle. Start from the middle and work your way outward.


12- Once the letters are where you need them to be you can delete the circle.


13- Select all your text. Then tap on actions.


14- In the actions toolbar tap on group then attach. Tap on make it.


15- In the cutting screen you can see that by attaching the text they stay together for cutting.

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