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Split monogram design in Cricut design space mobile app

Posted on 16th July 2018

1-Open the Cricut design space app.

2- Tap on a new project.

3- Tap on the image icon.


4- Find the shape you would like to use for your split monogram. Tap on insert.


5- Next tap on shapes and then the square icon.


6- Adjust the square to make a thin long rectangle.


7- with the rectangle selected, tap on duplicate.


8- Take one of the rectangles and move to one side.


9- With the other rectangle, widen it so it will take approx 1/3 of the shape. Select both the shapes and tap on weld.


10- Take your second rectangle.


11- Widen it so it leaves a small amount of the welded rectangle visible, and the make sure it over laps each side as in the photo. Select both shapes and tap on slice.


12- Remove the parts of the slice you do not need.


13- After you have sliced the image it will still be one piece. We need to separate the 2 halves.


14- Go to Shapes and create a rectangle over the bottom 1/2 of the design.


15- Select both the design and the rectangle. Tap on slice.


16- Remove the parts you do not need.


17- Tap text and type what you would like to pop in your split monogram.


18- Move the two halves of your split monogram to fit around your text.


19- Select both the shapes and text. Tap on group then attach.


20- Your design is completed and will stay together  when you go to cut. Tap on the make it icon.


21-Your design is now complete and will cut all together as you have attached it.

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