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Layers toolbar in Cricut design space mobile app

Posted on 22nd June 2018

1-Open the Cricut design space app.


2- Tap on a new project.


3- Select the layers icon.


4- The layers tab will appear on the right of your design space. Click on the small arrow icon on the layer.


5- You now will have several options in the layers palette for the shape you have selected.

The first is the cut option.


6- You can change the colour for cutting.


7- Next choice is write. You can change the different pens you will be popping into the cutter.


8- Score gives you the choice to create a perforated  cut to use for folding.


9- Print will give you the option to only print and not cut the design.


10- Dependent on what you select in the layers tab, a little icon will show the choice.


11- If you click the information icon it will give you all your info. if you are cutting, the name of the shape and if it a cost to use the design.


12- Each image or shape you add to your design space will appear as a separate layer in your layers tab.


13- You can use the little eye icon to hide a specific image/shape.


14- At the bottom of the layers tab you can use the duplicate icon.

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