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  • By Design Bundles
  • 17 Jan 2020
  • 2 Mins
  • SCAL Tutorials

How to Create Decorative Borders to Foil in SCAL4

1- Open SCAL4. Click on the library icon and select the folder that you want to select the shapes for your decorative border. Alternatively you can import a file from your PC.

2- Select your shape.

3- With the shape selected, go to object- duplicate.

4- Add how many columns (shapes in a row) you would like so you get the width you need for your decorative border. Adjust the width between them also so they just overlap. Click OK.

5- As you can see close up, the edges just overlap.

6- With all of them selected, go to path- union.

7- As you can see the shapes are now all welded together.

8- With the shapes selected, go to object, rotate.

9- Rotate the design to 180 degrees.

10- Click on library again. Select a square or rectangle.

11- Resize the shape to the same width as the decorative edge.

12- Move the shapes to they slightly overlap.

13- With both selected, go to path- union.

14- The decorative border is now complete ready to foil. You can adjust the total size of the design .

15- To save as a SVG, go to file - export.

16- Select 72 dpi. Make sure you select design space compatiable if you are exporting to use for cricut design spacce.

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