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  • By Design Bundles
  • 25 Oct 2019
  • 3 Mins
  • Scan N Cut Tutorials

Using the foil quill with an SVG file in Scan and cut canvas workspace

*CM900 model used.
1- Open canvas workspace.

2- Click on the SVG icon and select your SVG file. I am using Valentines Day Quotes SVG.

3- Select your design.

4- Right click and group.

5- Click on the fill and change to clear.

6- Once you resize your SVG and you are happy to foil it, click on file and transfer FCM file to internet. If you do not have a wireless model, save to a USB.

7- A notification will appear to let you know it has transferred to the machine.

8- Turn on your scan and cut machine. At the same time plug your foil quill into your power source and heat up the tip for 5 min. Click on the pattern icon.

9- Click on the transfer icon.

10- Your SVG will appear on your screen. Click on the scan icon.

11- Your paper and foil will be scanned. make sure that your foil and design are aligned up. Click OK.

12- Click on the draw icon.

13- When you click the draw icon and the image may disappear. Click draw again.

14- If the screen appears saying there is no effective area, click OK.

15- To make the design appear, you may need to use the cut option. This will work but you use the quill instead of a blade. You will also need to change the cut settings as well to mimic the draw settings. On card I use speed 3 pressure 0.

16- The scan and cut will ask to attach the correct holder. Click OK.

17- Click on the cut function and your SVG design will foil.

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