Birthday Girl SVGs

We can’t help but look forward to our birthdays. Whether we’re into surprise parties, massive gestures or keeping it low key, it’s the one day of the year when we get to feel a little special. Make your friends’ next celebration that much more memorable by crafting something from the heart with a birthday girl SVG.

Prep the balloons, the candles and the cake, ‘cause it’s time to celebrate. A groovy birthday girl SVG can be the final touch to make your house or venue ready to party. You can use it both for gifts and decorations, and if you can’t be there in person, craft something sweet to send by post or design your own e-card. After all, it is the thought that counts. And the awesome SVG.

Another year wiser with a free birthday girl SVG

Happy Birthday to you! Have a free birthday girl SVG on us, plus check out some of our amazing discounts on birthday girl graphics and bundles.

Cards are a birthday staple, but instead of picking up a generic one from the store, why not craft your own with one of our funky SVGs. Of course, cards can be lost or thrown away, so if you want to make a gift for keeps, you can transfer your favorite graphic onto a celebratory t-shirt or tote bag, for the presents! It’ll save on unnecessary wrapping paper, so you can make an awesome craft, plus help the environment.

Top tip: if you’re planning a gift or decorating for your little one’s birthday, we have some super cool age specific graphics, that come in a variety of fun themes. You could make a unicorn or mermaid styled card or decorations - maybe even get snacks and cupcakes to match! Rainbow icing or splashy pool party!

Whip out your birthday girl SVG file every year!

The great thing about an SVG is that it makes recycling a cinch. That’s not to say that you can’t be original! You can make a lot of use out of your birthday girl SVG file - the downloads come in a variety of file formats, so you can play around with the graphic in different design software, tweaking, resizing, recoloring and repurposing for different crafting techniques. This year it’s a bib, next year it’s a bag, for their 80th it can be a customized bed ban! The choices are endless!

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