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For he’s a jolly good fellow, for “She is awesome” we’ll bellow, and they’ll read Paulo Coeeelhooooo, we’ve run out of rhymes that work. There are only so many ways to wish someone a Happy Birthday, but with a birthday SVG, you can personalise your greeting to come straight from the heart.

There probably isn’t a special occasion that makes you more reflective than your own birthday. Whether you’re still little and counting down the days until your age reaches double digits, or your knees click suspiciously and you’re wondering if you’ve purchased enough expensive face cream to lie about it - it’s a time to ponder the past, and look forward to the future.

Its My Birthday SVG Design
Its My Birthday SVG File

Three cheers for the free birthday SVG!

When it comes to birthdays, it’s most certainly the thought that counts. But when your friends get flooded with run of the mill greetings cards, wouldn’t it be cool if you sent them something truly unique? With a free birthday SVG, you can wish them a happy birthday with something a bit more interesting.

Our cut files would make for some very beautiful paper crafts, which you can use to DIY your own card or even put it in a frame. You can incorporate their age or your well wishes in an intricate pattern where it becomes part of the whole design.

Top tip: big shiny birthday badges are the ideal way to lovingly embarrass your friend on their birthday night out. You can pick an eye-catching SVG, edit it with particularly garish colors and craft a one-of-a-kind badge to make sure the bartenders know to dish out the free drinks.

It’s a bit harsh that there are no real milestone birthdays between the ages of 30 and 50. Why not pick an SVG for an age with your own unique significance - celebrate x years in their job, or the age they buy their house. 30+ is when all the really interesting life stories happen, so be sure to celebrate them!

Unwrap your birthday SVG file

What goes up, but never comes down? Your birthday SVG file! Also blood pressure, caused by terrible puns. Birthdays plague us more often than weddings, so it’s good to always be prepared. You can use your SVG time and time again, with lots of different crafting techniques. Our downloads come in multiple formats, so you can choose what editing software will work best with your chosen idea.

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