Easter Clipart


If ever there was a holiday that lends itself perfectly to crafting, it’s Easter. Your springtime clipart will keep creatives plenty busy between the chicks, bunnies, and egg decorating.

You’ve made it through Lent and to the other side. That achievement deserves some sugary treats. And even if you didn’t give up anything for 40 days, have some sweet treats anyway. Easter is still a great excuse to spend some time with your loved ones, cook some excellent food and rest at home while looking forward to summery weather. Let’s not forget about getting geared up for spring crafts too!

Easter Clipart
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Cute Easter Clipart

The most famous bunny in the world is getting ready to pay you a visit, so make him feel welcome with some incredible decorations. Pick out some cute Easter designs from our jam-packed collection and create themed decor for your house or party.

Many of the traditional imagery associated with Easter is aimed at the little ones - cute country animals and bright, colorful eggs! This holiday is a fantastic opportunity to do some crafting with your kids - it’s great to teach them to use their hands and let their imaginations run wild. Designing eggs is definitely better than playing games on their tablets! You can use the clipart as a template for painting real eggs, or you could print off your favorite images and stick them onto plastic eggs.

Religious Easter Clipart

Mixed in with all the cute eggs, bunnies, and such are some stunning religious images. With wood crosses, wreaths, watercolor flowers, and other beautiful elements included, creatives will find something that suits their needs. Some of these gorgeous clipart designs would make the perfect sublimation project!

With a few clipart designs, creatives can make some beautiful cards, or even use them for scrapbooking. No matter which direction your Easter art and projects go, cute or religious, crafters and makers can be sure to find the perfect clipart graphics for their next project!

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