Easter Egg Clipart


Easter egg decorating may be one of the most fun traditions associated with any holiday. Whether it’s decorating, exchanging, or hunting for them, you can have oodles of fun with our Easter egg clipart, so start hatching new ideas!

You can use these cute clipart designs for a variety of different things, including creating your own card designs, printables, and much more. So grab a few favorite designs, pick out your favorite quote, add some sweet lettering. You’ll have the perfect spring art project and some new card designs ready for sending to your whole family.

Easter Basket Clipart

Easter basket clipart is going to be all the rage when Easter time comes. Everyone loves throwing a good Easter egg hunt - with the help of the Easter Bunny, of course - so you’re going to want to start prepping your invitations! Make one for every kid on the block (and adult, too!) and get ready to be the most fantastic neighbor.

Easter is often when friends and family get together, so why not make the most of the occasion and spruce your place up to impress all your visitors. For example, you can use your Easter-themed clipart to make some garlands with basket graphics or even Easter design decals for your windows. Or, if you like hosting a fancy dinner, why not add one of our graphics to a placeholder for everyone’s spot at the table?

Easter Egg PNG

If a friend or relative denied themselves something for those long 40 days of Lent, why not use your Easter egg PNG file to craft a beautiful gift box in which you can present them with that very thing they’ve been craving! If feeling particularly ambitious, you could use your clipart to try your hand at 3D paper crafts and try to make an egg-shaped gift box!

Decorating Easter eggs can be as simple or elaborate as you like. For example, you could use your Easter-themed designs to make some Easter-themed clothing to really celebrate.

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