Fairy Clipart

A fairy is a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having magic powers and dwelling on earth in close relationship with humans. They can be festive, mischievous, concerned about dental health, provide Godmothering duties or carry around a bag of fairy dust to help take children on wild adventures.

Have you noticed how children are fascinated with Fairies? And for good reason, Fairies are usually beautiful, winged creatures which make them perfect for adding some sparkle to your crafting projects. With our range of fairy clipart we will have you granting wishes and bringing magic to your friends, family or yourself in no time.

Fairy Clipart for T-Shirt Design
Fairy Clipart for T-Shirt Design

Make a home for your free fairy clipart

The image of a fairy is there to inspire wonder, so why not make your design as out of this world as possible. Use a free fairy clipart as the foundation and build on it with beautiful, mysterious elements to bring that feeling of magic to life.

Top tip: why not encourage all the family to work on making a natural fairy garden? They are great for promoting magical imaginary play and a delight for the senses. Fill a collection of tubs, dishes and pots with compost, plant particularly fragrant grasses, herbs or beautiful flowers and add details such as fir cones, pebbles, plant saucers for paddling pools, moss, shells, gems and jewels to provide a magical make belief garden for your winged friends. Use a free fairy clipart to cut out a little character to entice other magical inhabitants in!

Our range includes beautiful cut files, which would make beautiful wall art or stunning greeting cards. The cut files are very intricate, so while it is doable to make them with a precision knife, for the best possible finish we would definitely recommend using a crafting machine, so warm up your Cricut or Silhouette!

Use your fairy clipart file in fairyland and beyond

You don’t have to use your fairy clipart file for just one purpose. With our versatile, easy to download files, the applications really are endless.Pick out your favorite graphic and edit it in your choice of design software. Once printed and/or cut, you can add some fun 3D elements, like beads or sequins or maybe even LEDs, ti really bring some magic to your design.

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