Fairy SVGs

We all need a little magic in our lives from time to time and when we were little, believing in fairies was about as sweet and pure as believing in Santa. The whole world was full of incredible possibilities to us back then. Sadly, we can’t stay lost boys forever, but with a fairy SVG maybe we can cling onto that innocent hope for just a little longer.

I’m sure we all have at least one story of events that just can’t be explained. I’m sure a forensic analysis would come up with something sensible, but you heard that woman crying, you saw the photo frames fall off the shelf all by themselves, that was Elvis in your backyard! We’ve all witnessed strange events, that seem a little more than mere coincidence and tricks of the mind, maybe there is something there, after all…

Sunflower and Fairy SVG
Tooth Fairy SVG Bundle
Tooth Fairy SVG
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Make a wish with a free fairy SVG

The image of a fairy is there to inspire wonder, so why not make your design as out of this world as possible. Use a free fairy SVG as the foundation and build on it with beautiful, mysterious elements to bring that feeling of magic to life.

Top tip: why not incorporate some glow in the dark elements to your design - maybe even a pattern that you won’t see during the day, but that will light up when it goes dark - like fairy dust dots, or the wings. You can use phosphorescent paint, paper or tape to achieve this effect.

We have some super cute tooth fairy SVGs so you could craft a box for your little ones to keep their teeth safe until they receive a little treat for them.

The collection features some stunning cut files, which would make beautiful wall art or unique greeting cards. The cut files are very intricate, so while it is doable to make them with a precision knife, for the best possible finish we would definitely recommend using a crafting machine.

Sprinkle some magic dust on your fairy SVG file

A fairy SVG file is the perfect tool to combine digital and traditional crafting. You can pick out your favorite graphic and edit it in your choice of design software. Once printed and/or cut, you can add some fun 3D elements, like beads or sequins or maybe even LEDs, if feeling ambitious.

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