Flourish SVGs


That final flourish. That’s the difference between a piece of work that’s good… and great. Add that je ne sais quoi to your design with your own flourish SVG.

Do you remember practicing your signature, or scribbling your crush’s name in your school notebooks? No doubt every doodle featured some loops and swirls to make the letters that much more pretty and that much more special. Between filigree, weaving and quilling, random curves and swirls have been an integral part of art and design for centuries.

Swoop through our delightful collection and see which SVG will add that extra sprinkle of elegance to your design work.

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Let your designs blossom with a free flourish SVG

This is definitely a collection with a lot of creative possibilities. We have beautiful borders, embellishments, page breaks, illustrations, frames, ornaments and typography that you could literally be crafting around the clock. Why not start off with a free flourish SVG to see how it can enhance your work, then check out some the rest of our images and bundles, with some great discounts to boot.

Since the word flourish can refer to just about anything, we have lots of different themes including floral, animal, minimalist, Baroque and Renaissance, geometric, art deco and modern quirky, among many others, so you can find the right curlicue to perfect your idea.

Top tip: you can use our designs as beautiful negative space as well. Choose a graphic you like, but instead of cutting around the picture, cut the shape itself out, leaving a curvy winding pattern in your paper or card - which you can then use as the base for your larger composition.

A final flourish SVG file

Most of the flourish SVG file options are quite intricate patterns, so this kind of graphic is best created with the help of a crafting machine. With just a couple of clicks, your chosen SVG will be ready to edit in Inkscape, Design Space or Photoshop etc, then it’s over to your Cricut or Silhouette to bring the image to life.

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