Flourish Vectors


Our Flourish Vector collection includes all manner of swooshes and swirls, from calligraphy inspired scroll designs and flourishing borders to vignette corners, animal inspired designs, divider and separator packs. We have options in an array of styles, colors and formats.

In just a few clicks, your chosen Flourish Vector will be ready for editing and printing. Why not take advantage of the many different styles on offer to try your hand at different crafting techniques - maybe even try something you haven’t done before like sublimation, laser cutting or even 3d printing!

Flourish Vectors
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Add the finishing touch with a Free Flourish Vector

These flourishes and swirls are great for making dividers, frames, borders, decorate your pages, invitations and certificates. Do you love your journal? How about turning a Free Flourish Vector bundle into stickers to help hold photos as an alternative to tape of glue? Are you obsessed with washi tape? We don’t blame you! How about making your very own? You can buy printable washi tape paper from places like Amazon and then you just trim it down into strips with a rotary blade or paper guillotine.

You’re probably a really busy person; we know we are! That’s why these cute swooshes and swirls are premade - so you can quickly and easily copy and paste them into your designs to add a pop of energy and movement. Use them for a wide range of exciting projects from party decorations to graphic t-shirts, customize your own soft furnishings with sublimation and HTV, or even engrave or laser designs into materials such as wood, plastic and metal!

Dot the Is and cross the Ts with a Flourish Vector File

Design Bundles has thousands of Free and Premium Sublimation Designs, Paper Cutting Templates, Embroidery Designs and more available to browse and use on all manner of projects. So put the kettle on, browse our Flourish Vector File options, load up your software, and fire up the cutting machine because it's time to make something wonderful!

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