Free Sublimation Designs

Take a peek through our free sublimation design collection and see which graphic you’d like to transfer onto a t-shirt for a fun new addition to your wardrobe. Once you’ve selected a design that you like… now what? How does sublimation actually work?

Sublimation is the process of a solid turning straight into a gas, through high heat and pressure, without passing through the liquid state. Fascinating. What that means for you is that you’ll need a sublimation printer, a heat press and a t-shirt ready to be jazzed up.

The best thing about sublimation is that it gives a smooth, seamless finish, so it’s really the best technique for making custom t-shirts.

How to make a custom t-shirts with a free sublimation design

You can use your Cricut for sublimation printing, with the correct ink sheets, but the ideal printers for this particular technique would be Epson or Sawgrass, the latter in particular for making tees, as it will give the finest finish.

Top tip: once you’ve edited your chosen design, remember to print its mirror image, or it will come out backwards on your t-shirt. Also, use a lint roller or even scotch tape to remove any bits of fluff that might get in the way of the transfer.

To avoid any mistakes or messy edges, you can use heat resistant tape to secure your free sublimation design to your tee, whilst it’s in the heat transfer press. Give the t-shirt a moment to cool before removing it - the heat press needs to get up to 375-400 F, so watch those fingers!

Generally speaking, it’s best to use polyester tees for sublimation, however, there are now a few options of transfer paper and heat transfer vinyls that work on 100% cotton, so you can give that a try!

A free sublimation design file will open up a new world of crafting

While the Epson printer is considered the optimal choice, any inkjet printer can be used for sublimation, with the correct materials. Remember that while you’re welcome to edit your free sublimation design file in whichever software you prefer, the vast majority of our sublimation downloads come in PNG format - this allows for a fully clear background for your design.

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