Halloween Pumpkin Clipart

If you’re hosting a party you will be in need of some spooktacular decorations, devilish trick or treat candy receptacles and clever costumes. Our Halloween pumpkin clipart will ensure that your wicked gathering is the talk of the town.

The Halloween Pumpkin or Jack-o'-lantern is an Irish tradition about a drunkard who bargains with the Devil and is doomed to roam the Earth with a hollowed turnip to light his way, that has spread across the world. With just the click of a mouse, you can have your very own Halloween pumpkin clipart to get crafting with. Try your hand at making bloodcurdling invitations, banners, garlands and wall art, to make your friends scream in terror.

Halloween pumpkin clipart
Halloween pumpkin clipart

What did the free Halloween pumpkin clipart say to the carver? Cut It Out!

Halloween isn’t the only spooky holiday on the Calendar. There are one or two Friday 13th’s per year and let’s not forget Dia de los Muertos. Keep your Halloween pumpkin clipart file for the next extra-rainy day, or just when you’d like to host a fright night with some friends. Turn off the lights, turn on the scary movie, put on your gruesome handmade mask and wait for the screams!

For some fun, family-friendly creative projects, use our clipart collection to create party invites, decorations, bunting, art prints, jumpers, coloring books, and t-shirts. Now the kids are occupied, why not treat yourself to some lone craft fun? Consider making pumpkin-themed gift-tags, papercrafts, soft furnishings, tableware, babygrows, and more. And don’t forget scrapbooking, vinyl decals, and paper crafting!

Top Tip: Use the cut files and papercut templates from the Halloween pumpkin clipart range as pumpkin carving stencils. Choose a free Halloween pumpkin silhouette file, warm up your die cutting machine and dress your pumpkin to impress this Halloween

Your Halloween pumpkin clipart file is out of this world!

These BOO-ti-ful bundles are available for personal and commercial use. So, whether crafting a Halloween card with the family or designing seasonal decorations for your business, a premium or free Halloween pumpkin clipart file from us can help. So bloggers, crafters, families, business owners, designers, and creatives of all persuasions unite – it’s time to start making.

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