Jack O Lantern SVGs

A jack-o-lantern is what you get when a pumpkin develops a personality. A cheeky macabre personality! Impress everyone next Halloween with the best decorations with the help of your jack o lantern SVG.

Pumpkins are a lot of fun, but let’s be honest - they are a lot of mess and a lot of trouble. A spooky SVG is the perfect solution to this problem because you can still display some awesome pumpkins, without the hassle of bringing them home, removing the innards and carving. Plus this way, the kids can have fun making pumpkins without you having to worry about any accidents!

Scare the neighbors with a free jack o lantern SVG

Our collection includes some pumpkins that are cute, some cuddly and some seriously creepy - so it just depends on the atmosphere you want your party to have. With a free jack o lantern SVG, you’ll be sure to wow everyone with your decor no matter what you pick.

You can pick an awesome jack o lantern to put on a t-shirt or hoodie, if you don’t feel like dressing up on the day. You can also print out some pumpkins to stick to your windows and the natural light from your house will light up their scary faces.

You can use our jack o lantern face bundles as stencils if you wanted to transfer your design onto a real pumpkin. Just print the design, affix it to your pumpkin with some scotch tape and use a pin or even cocktail stick to poke through the paper, following the pattern - then you’ll have the outline on your pumpkin and you’re ready to carve!

What’s this? A jack o lantern SVG file!

What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes! Well, believe it, baby. Your crafting machine can churn out all the pumpkins you can handle with a jack o lantern SVG file. Tweak it to your liking in your preferred design software, stock up on plenty of paper or card, ready the glitter and spin some webs over the lot to complete the haunting look.

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