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Creatives, do you love the Fall season? We sure do! Leaves are one of those amazingly diverse designs that can be used for everything from Spring decor to celebrating your Canadian heritage. The flexibility is phenomenal! Many of these designs can even be used for craft projects that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. For instance, that Canadian maple leaf can be used for your Autumn designs and projects, too.

Speaking of flexibility, our dual license means that crafters and makers can use their fantastic leaf designs for just about all the crafting fun, both for themselves and for their handmade businesses. We wouldn’t want to leaf you hanging!

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Fall Leaf SVG

Fall and Autumn, whichever you prefer, is one of the seasons when creatives use leaf designs the most. And rightly so! When the leaves change colors and become so bright and glorious, it’s inspiring to creatives. Get some inspiration from nature when you start your next craft or art project!

Pair up your leaves with some cute pumpkins, haystacks, or other fall clipart designs, and make something fabulous! You’ll have a design that works beautifully for everything from tea towels to wood signs. Why not try your hand at printing off some leaves and pumpkin images and stringing them together to create a bunting. Or use your heat press, some HTV vinyl, and a few fun leaves for some t-shirt designs.

Maple Leaf SVG

The maple leaf is a great way to show off your Canadian heritage or just some appreciation of a beautiful design. Images that feature the detailed maple leaf work well for paper cutting crafts, shadowboxes, scrapbooking, and so much more.

Maple leaves are truly a beautiful part of nature, and that beauty can easily relay to your next art project. How about creating adorable poster art with your leaf design and pair it with a fun fall quote?

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