Mandala SVG

No, not Nelson. Although I’m sure even he would appreciate the modernization of this ancient art form with a beautiful mandala SVG.

Mandalas are symbolic diagrams, steeped in Eastern tradition and Buddhist culture. They come in many different designs, to signify various meanings, but the overall purpose is for meditation. The mandala represents the self, and the universe, its purpose for introspection as well as our place in the world, a symbol of spiritual rebirth.

Whether for spirituality or a means of relaxation, a mandala SVG can help bring some much needed mindfulness to a stressful environment. And we all deserve a break from time to time!

A healing free mandala SVG is just what you need at the end of the day

These intricate designs are perfect for decorating pretty much anything, even as gorgeous tattoos. However, their recent rise in popularity isn’t just for the pretty picture, but the relaxation actually creating one brings about. We’ve all had moments where work infuriates us to the point of mental implosion, but with a free mandala SVG, you can calmly work through your stresses and re-zen. A much better option than punching a wall or yelling at an unsuspecting relative.

With our collection of cut files, you can choose and modify designs to adorn your home, with mandalas that speak to you. You can take pleasure in creating something new every week, or pick a lasting pattern with some personal elements, to bring you calm whenever you need.

Top tip: mandala-induced calm is best enjoyed with a glass of wine and/or candy. Mmmm mindful peaceful candy...

An exercise in meditation with a mandala SVG file

A mandala is meant to alleviate stress, so making one shouldn’t induce it. Our easy to use files come in JPEG, PDF and PNG formats, and are usable with most design software out there. You’re just a few clicks away from a stunning piece of serenity for your home.

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