Mandala SVGs


Join the craze of mandala designs! Crafters and makers love these fantastically intricate designs, except possibly when they’re weeding the vinyl. Then again, some creatives love the process of weeding out the excess vinyl! One thing is for sure, with so many varied design options, creatives can find a mandala that works well for their crafting or art needs!

Often, the mandala is associated with spiritual connection, meditation, and relaxation. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? With one of these gorgeous mandala designs, creatives can make just about anything beautiful! Use one for t-shirt designs or create a decal and add it to your favorite water bottle or mug.

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Free Mandala SVGs

What’s better than a gorgeous mandala design? Why a free version, of course! Creatives are going to love the assortment of free mandalas cut files they’ll find in our Free Design Resources section. There’s a great mix of 3D mandalas, layered versions perfect for paper cut crafts, and even earring styles.

The intricate style of a mandala can be intimidating for some crafters and makers. But with a few free designs to pick from, you can try it out and see for yourself if this design style is your new fave!

Top tip: if the idea of those detailed cuts makes you shudder a bit, start with a simple mandala design and then work your way up to something more intricate.

Layered Mandala SVGs

These beauties are the ideal way to create a shadow box. With some digital or regular paper, like card stock, creatives can cut out a fantastic design. Add some glue or foam dots to separate the layers, and your 3D design will shine! For some literal shimmer, add a battery-operated candle or twinkle lights!

Layered designs are best used as a papercraft, but creatives always seem to know how to think outside the box! Use part of a layered design or a few layers to make decals, put them as accents on journals, or scrapbooking. The options are endless!

Half Mandala SVGs

Half Mandala SVGs
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