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Although our Mandala Vector can be used to make beautiful hand crafted gifts, decor and custom clothing you can also use them to make digital products. Tailor the design in your favorite editing software and incorporate it into newsletter and email designs, promotional materials like social media posts and stories, banner advertisements, logos and even icons for websites or apps for your business or blog

Our icons come ready to use on any smartphone, so you don’t need any graphic design skills. Make your own unique emoji icons that can be used in Whatsapp, Telegram and other communication apps. Find the perfect avatar for your online profile.

Mandala Vector
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Create good vibes with a Free Mandala Vector

The quickest way to put your personal stamp on your home is with wall decor, it’s all very well painting a wall but you want something that helps make it pop and give it some character. The perfect solution for this is to turn your free Mandala Vector into cute wall decals to give an almost wall paper pattern effect without all the hassle of having to measure, cut and paste - You could even make an oversized whole wall vinyl!

To make Renter Friendly wall decals you need to use removable vinyl - this has been specially designed to not be ‘high tac’ and leave a residue but still strong enough to cling to a wall. Load your free Mandala Vector into a design programme and arrange them so that you can fit as many as possible on a page, set the project as ‘print and cut’ and follow the instructions on screen.

To fix them to the wall you need to give it a quick wipe down with a cloth just to make sure it's dust free and apply them just like stickers. If using a larger design and doing more of a wall mural, you’ll want to use a transfer tape and work slowly across the decal with a squeegee or stiff bit of card to eliminate any air bubbles.

There is a kaleidoscope of crafting possibilities with your Mandala Vector File

Our Mandala Vector file selection comes licensed for both personal and commercial use, so you’re free to play around at home or design a whole theme for your business or product range. Our files are suitable for use with a wide range of crafting software, machines and materials so there's no excuse not to get stuck in.

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