Mermaid Clipart


Dive into the waters of our collection and catch yourself some splendid mermaid-themed clipart. Our beautiful graphics offer lots of opportunities to make some incredible crafts.

Breathing underwater holds about as much fascination as being able to fly, and coupled with the sparkly scales and feminine accouterments, no girl can resist the appeal of a bit of aquatic make-belief. Whether it’s for yourself (and why not!) or for your kids, our collection includes some really stunning images that you could turn into a treasure trove of fairy tale crafts.

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Cute Mermaid Clipart

Most creative types, crafters and makers included, have specific skill sets. We all excel at something. If drawing and creating graphics or illustrations isn’t one of those, then you’ll love diving into the incredible mermaid designs we have for you. Your tail with be fluttering with excitement if you had a tail that is!

Creatives can make an ocean of amazing crafts with a mermaid graphic or bundle from our collection. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, all our downloads are super easy to use and lend themselves perfectly to techy crafting equipment and traditional techniques. You can create some striking effects with our gorgeous images, and with a dual license, you can design for yourself or reinvigorate your brand.

Under The Sea Clipart

You can’t have a mermaid design without some coordinating elements! Especially if you’re using your new clipart graphics for party decor. A mermaid theme is just the thing to make it a fun and memorable experience. You can make indoor and outdoor decorations, signs, and posters, make a “pin the tail on the mermaid” game, invitations, party favors, snack decorations, stickers, and gift bags! They’ll have everything they need to unleash their inner underwater princesses.

For the grown-ups, mermaids are still plenty of fun. You could personalize your beach clothes and accessories, your phone cover, or decorations for a pool or beach party! Get the party started with some fantastic clipart designs!

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