Mouse Clipart

Kudos to all the kids’ cartoons that remind us that mice are sweet and adorable and deserve some lovin’ too. Catch yourself some cuddly mouse clipart and show your appreciation for these tiny floof balls with your next crafting project.

Rodents seem to have a very unfair reputation. Society will have you think of them as pests that need to be exterminated. Now, granted you don’t want them running around your kitchen, but they’re just trying to go about their business. We’re the ones that built the house on top of their natural habitat, so the least we can do is share.

Cute Happy Birthday Mice

Yes cheeses for us meeces with free mouse clipart!

Unleash your inner talents and get going on some creative ideas with the help of your irresistibly sweet free mouse clipart. Our collection effectively displays how incredibly versatile these little creatures are, because with the right style, mouse images are perfect for babies, birthdays, house warming, Christmas and even Valentine’s Day.

Most of us are familiar with the delightful cat and mouse duo from the old cartoon series and recent modern rehash. In all honesty, Jerry really is a bit of a sadistic sociopath when it comes to Tom, and yet - we still can’t help but root for him. That’s the awesome power of a mouse’s inherent cuteness. So you can make a whole nest of lovely arts and crafts with your mouse clipart (and leave the cat alone to play his piano or take a nap!).

Customize some greeting cards and gift wrapping, make party decorations, baby clothes, digital backgrounds, personal stationery and so much more!

Scare the elephant with a mouse clipart file

With a mouse clipart file you can make some amazing crafts and designs with just a few clicks on your computer. Once you’ve edited your chosen image in your preferred design software, it’s ready for application with whatever ideas come to mind. Our clipart files are perfectly suited for traditional hand crafting, but if you’ve got a Cricut or Silhouette, you’ll achieve a fantastic, professional finish in no time at all!

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