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Did you know that there are over 1000 different species of mouse and one of the most common and well known around the world is the computer mouse! So whether you want the cute furry kind or the plastic man-made variety we have more mouse vectors that you can shake a cursor at.

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Ninja Mouse Vector Illustration
Mechanic Mouse Vector Illustration
Mouse Silhouettes
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There is nothing cheesy about these Free Mouse Vectors

Have you had a great idea for how to use your free mouse vector but don’t know how you’ll get it to apply to your surface? Have no fear, you need to give waterslide decals a go! These will apply to anything you can think of from porcelain to glass, bamboo and MDF, they’ll even apply to candles! (how cute would a candle look with a little mouse on the side?) It’s really easy to use - all you do is print your desired designs onto the shiny side of the waterslide paper, let them dry for a minute and then top them off with a clear top coat (you can get acrylic topcoat sprays from Amazon). Once the decal is dry, cut them out as close to the border of the image as possible.

Submerge the decals into a bowl of room temperature water and leave them for however long the manufacturer's instructions dictates. Once ready, remove from the water and place onto your project, slide and gradually remove the paper base of the decal leaving the translucent top foil with your image on it in place. Use a paper towel to remove any excess water and smooth out bubbles. Leave to dry and then if needed you can add a topcoat or sealing layer

Scurry towards these Mouse Vector Files

The majority of our mouse vector file collection is compatible with most design software and crafting machines, so you have all the flexibility to edit your designs to suit your chosen medium. Whether you are looking to make custom bunting, heat transfer vinyl to customize an outfit or making your very own personalized quilt, we have got you covered.

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