Octopus Clipart

As perhaps one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet, octop...i? Pusses? We’ll never know, but they present some amazing design opportunities courtesy of their unique form and stunning coloration. Swim around our pool of octopus clipart and pick out a tentacled friend to help out with your next idea.

Our collection includes a whole ocean of different styles, ranging from baby-friendly illustrations to gorgeously detailed watercolors, minimalist graphics and even hilarious nautical puns. You could make something as simple as a birthday card or a whole underwater collage - this collection is your oyster, so ready the printer and dive in!

Ink your next idea with a squirt of free octopus clipart

With the right resources, you can really turn the tide of your crafting game and make some amazing, high quality pieces. If you’re new to the digital arts, check out our free octopus clipart and have a play around with different software and techniques to see what awesome results you can achieve.

Clipart files are easy to edit, so tweaking the image to suit your design is a piece of cake. Clipart comes in vector and bitmap formats, so make sure you download the format that suits your editing software. For example, Illustrator works with vector, Photoshop with you can tweak the dimensions. You can crop, resize, distort and recolor your chosen image. Remember, if you’re making a transfer you should flip the image when printing so it comes out the right way around when pressing it onto your chosen surface or fabric.

The aquatic theme is a lot of fun, but tends to be predominantly blue, aquamarine, teal, green. A bright red (or any color!) octopus is a great way to add some color and add a striking feature to your composition.

Reach out in all directions with your octopus clipart file

Variety is the spice of life, so why not use your octopus clipart file on lots of different ideas and art projects. Our downloads are perfect for use in gifting, online content, social media, paper crafts, scrapbooking, banners and wall art, to name just a few. Become the octomom of a bunch of different crafts and with the help of our clipart, your work will be kraken!

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