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Our decorative designs are perfect for embellishing your projects. From abstract object decorations to other elements you can produce your very own unique logos that communicate your brand’s identity and the products you sell, mandala collections can be used to make colouring books or you can simply print the [keyword] and use them to make 3D party decorations for any celebration.

Don't forget you can use decorative designs in the digital world too; create floral dividers or borders for your blog posts, banner ads or social media posts. Design your very own inspirational quote graphics or make a meme!

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You’ll need more than 8 arms to handle all the Free Octopus Vector files we have!

Creating your own kid's party decor is a great way to save some money and really make your theme stand out. We’re going to let you in on a little hack that can not only save money but eliminate craft supplies waste too! For this project you want to create a repeat pattern that you can print out onto card and then turn that card into things like bunting, party hats, cake toppers and banner all with a fun underwater sea creature theme.

Load your free Octopus Vector into a program such as canva and select an A4 project, you can pick a background color or texture and then add your design on top to make a repeat pattern, once you are happy with the pattern print it out onto some cardstock. You can now use that custom card to make all sorts - want to make bunting? Just cut out some triangles, hole punch the top corners and thread through some ribbon. How about party hats? There are plenty of free designs available for party hat templates, run your custom craft card through your Cricut machine and then make it an activity to have the party guest decorate their own hats! Any card offcuts that you have left over can be shredded and turned into confetti to fill pinatas or party bags! Add some green streamers for sea kelp, serve goldfish crackers and lemonade jelly and you’ve got a fantastic under the sea party planned!

You’ll be squirting ink when you see what you can do with an Octopus Vector File

Our easy to download, multi-format (JPG, PDF, PNG) Octopus Vector file offer you access to our unlimited customer support, and come with a lifetime download guarantee. They’re also dual-licensed, which means they’re available for both personal and commercial use. So whether you prefer to use a Cricut, Silhouette or Glowforge we have you covered.

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