Snowflake Clipart


No matter what holiday you celebrate in winter, snowfall is universally extraordinary. Every snowflake is a stunning and delicate little bundle of frosty magic. Include this beautiful ice crystal in your next winter wonderland project.

The best thing about crafting winter decorations is you can enjoy the natural beauty of the season and stay warm and toasty. Treat yourself to a yummy hot chocolate as you peruse our sparkling collection of gorgeous graphics and snow-themed clipart to sprinkle on your craft ideas.

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Snowflake Vector

If you want designs that can be scaled and still look fantastic, then look no further. Just remember, these snowflakes can be quite intricate, so don’t go too small, or you’ll be giving yourself a headache when you go to weed those small parts! Grab your chosen vector image and then craft some holiday cards to send out to their loved ones or make e-cards.

Top tip: Cutting snowflake clipart can be a little tricky to do by hand with intricate designs. Use a cutting machine for the complex parts. But, if you don’t have one, select a PNG file with a transparent background. Then print it on see-through printer paper, such as transparent film. This way, you can still achieve the snowflake effect without cutting out the pattern. Finally, make window clings or string them together into garlands to create the effect of snowfall inside your home or party venue.

Simple Snowflake Clipart

With the help of your snowflake images, you can make sure your holiday decor is as unique as every snowflake itself. When everyone is in a rush, they just run to the store and buy the same decorations as everyone else. But if you’re lucky enough to have some time to craft, you can make truly original decorations for your home with simple clipart that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

Whether you’re crafting for yourself or adding festive vibes to your products, or social media graphics, our clipart comes with a dual license, so you have the flexibility to do both.

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