Snowflake SVGs

Just as in reality, every snowflake SVG is unique, so whichever bundle you pick, you can be sure no one else will have one quite like it.

While the cold and wind and rain can make winter thoroughly miserable, there’s nothing like waking up to a sheet of white all over everything, and watching snowflakes fall outside your window. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali or Kwanzaa - or nothing at all - fresh snowfall is special for everyone.

Peruse our snowflake SVG collection for a design you’d like to share with your family, neighbours or customers.

I smell snow, snowflake SVG

A free snowflake SVG to go with a hot cup of cocoa

While the snowflakes fall outside, you get cozy and crafting with a free snowflake SVG inside. Bundle up while you bundle-browse and explore all the ways in which your transfer and cutting tools can create your very own flurry!

Top tip: snowflakes are unique and very intricate patterns. If you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette, and will be using a precision knife or scissors, you’d be better off choosing a more minimalist SVG, for faster work and a neater finish. You can layer several simple designs and still create a beautiful snowflake you could frame.

Our pattern bundles would be perfect for a wintery background design for your webpage or printing your own wrapping paper. If you have a laser cutter, you can make snowflake earrings, tree ornaments or even a coaster, to go with that cocoa cup. If you live somewhere where snow is rarely seen, you can create snowflake stickers or decals to decorate your windows or make garlands.

Warm those fingers and get crafting with your snowflake SVG file

Brrrr is it cold out there? ‘Cause it’s about to get warm in here! Fire up your crafting machines and make the most of your snowflake SVG file. Every bundle comes with a dual license and multiple formats, so you can edit your SVGs however you like and create with them again and again.

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