Succulent Clipart

Has a type of plant ever had such a delicious sounding name? Succulents are an unusual breed of plant - their water-retaining features create some stunning geometric structures, which are perfect for use in art and design. See for yourself which bulbous plant gets your juices flowing from our collection of succulent clipart.

Succulents are God’s gift to the lazy homeowner. While every domicile needs something green and living to give it a comfortable feel and help clean the air, many of such ornamental plants wind up lambs to the slaughter of the particular breed of person that, through no fault of their own, simply forgets (or denies) the plant’s entire existence. Want to avoid such murder most foul? Easy, just give them a succulent and they’ll never have to worry about it again.

Doodle Succulent Clipart

Lick your lips for some free succulent clipart

While you’ve probably never heard of echeveria or haworthias, there’s one succulent everyone in the world is familiar with - the mighty cactus. Root around our free succulent clipart and see which spiky design is right for you.

The wonderful thing about cacti is that they come in a myriad of wonderful varieties - lots of different shapes, spikes and flowers lend themselves perfectly to some really fun design opportunities. Since cacti and other succulents have evolved to survive in dry and arid conditions, we tend to associate these plants with warmth and sunshine. Why not use a succulent clipart to liven up some holiday ware and accessories, such as t-shirts and tote bags. Cacti are also undeniably cool, so why not make some decals and decorate your phone case, laptop or coffee flask.

Thanks to their beautiful symmetrical and spiralling patterns, many of our succulent cliparts would make for gorgeous logos, icons, monograms and badges. These plants almost form a natural mandala, so you could use them as a decorative template or pick out some monochrome graphics and come up with your own unique color schemes.

A succulent clipart file will live as long as the real thing

Since you’d have to try pretty hard to kill a succulent, similarly you’ll be hard pressed to stop coming up with new ideas for your delightful succulent clipart file. Be it their funky shape or vibrant colors, just about any design or crafting layout would benefit from a dash of fauna to add to the overall composition, so don’t be shy and plant your ideas wherever there’s room to grow!

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