Succulent Clipart


Crafters, do you love natural designs, graphics, and clipart? If so, then you’ll love these plant clipart designs and how well they lend themselves perfectly to art or craft designs. Creative art or design projects await you, makers and crafters. See for yourself which bulbous plant gets your creative juices flowing from our collection of succulent clipart.

Our clipart designs and graphics are can’t kill them through lack of sunlight or water! With our clipart graphics, you can add plants to your home that don’t require any sunlight, water, or attention Plus; they’re a fantastic choice for all sorts of designs. Going for a boho-style design? Then succulents are where it’s at!

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Cactus Clipart

With so many types of succulents, you may not be familiar with all of them. But there’s one succulent everyone is familiar with - the mighty cactus. Root around our plant-themed clipart collection and see which spiky clipart design is right for you.

Cacti are fair-weather friends that are associated with warmth and sunshine. With a fun cacti design, you can incorporate that summertime vibe into your projects. Perfect for decals, stickers, card designs, or even t-shirt graphics. The clipart options are so varied, just like the varieties of this plant! This plant may be prickly, but your designs are sure to be sweet.

House Plant Clipart

House plants have always been pretty popular, but they’ve practically gone viral since the pandemic. So many people have taken to this hobby, and who can blame them. There’s just something about caring for a plant and watching it grow. You can grow, too, when you add a new style of design to your portfolio.

Popular with both boho style and farmhouse decor trends, houseplants are the ideal graphic for creating poster art or wood signs. Perhaps that’s because these plants are easy to care for!

Be it their funky shape or vibrant colors, just about any design or crafting layout would benefit from a dash of fauna to add to the overall composition, so don’t be shy and plant your ideas wherever there’s room to grow!

Design School Tutorials

Learn how to draw your own succulents from our experts at Design School Tutorials. Our easy-to-follow tutorials will guide you through every step of the designing process, and you'll be able to create beautiful artwork that will last a lifetime. Start crafting today with Design School Tutorials!

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