Tree Clipart

Trees are fascinating things. Did you know that planting more trees could help combat climate change, support biodiversity and boost profitability for farmers? Be inspired and pay homage to the humble tree in your crafting projects with tree clipart.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate trees into your crafting. From handprint paintings and leaf collages to nature inspired embroidery, outdoor activity printables and handmade garlands to decorate your home with. Another great idea is to use several tree clipart designs to cut and compile your own shadow box, with paper or card.

No room in the garden? Try free tree clipart

Have you ever just sat under a tree and taken some time out to contemplate life? If you don’t have a garden or one that is too small for a tree why not try crafting for some down time? Crafting shouldn’t be a chore, but an exercise in mindfulness and relaxation, as you express your creativity. And no better theme to work with than nature, with the help of your free tree clipart.

Top tip: if you don’t have a die cut machine like a Cricut getting around all the delicate branches and leaves of a tree design can be very tricky. Be sure to have weeding tools handy and be patient to avoid tearing your material. Consider combining your free tree clipart design with others to create both a pretty backdrop and an easier shape to cut by hand.

Our free tree clipart collection has many eye-catching designs including logos, family tree templates and watercolour style images. Since a tree can symbolise growth and stability, rejuvenation and longevity, there’s really no end to the possible commercial application of this universal image, so see how deep the creative roots can grow.

Grow your family tree clipart file

Trees lend themselves beautifully to various crafting projects. Our tree clipart file collection includes many beautiful family tree designs which feature spaces for you to add photographs of your relatives. Combine your tree design with a gallery of family photos to create eye catching wall art which is bound to inspire conversation

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