Tree SVGs

Trees are everywhere. They clean our air, provide a home for our animal friends, breathe life into an urban landscape and were among the first tools in building and crafting. Just as with the real thing, a tree SVG can be utilised for almost any design idea.

Trees change their looks with every season, and your projects can do the same. Pick a multi-season bundle or a few different SVGs, so you can update your online content or product range to reflect the time of year. Another great idea is to use several tree SVGs to cut and compile your own shadow box, with paper or card.

Take a stroll through our digital woods, and pick a tree SVG with the right canopy.

How high does a free tree SVG grow?

If you cut it down, then you’ll make cool arts and crafts! Isaac Newton’s greatest discovery came when he was chillin’ under an apple tree. So never underestimate the power of taking breaks to recharge the mind. Crafting shouldn’t be a chore, but an exercise in mindfulness and relaxation, as you express your creativity. And no better theme to work with than nature, with the help of your free tree SVG.

Top tip: if you don’t have a cutting machine, getting around all the delicate branches and leaves of a design can be very tricky. Why not overlay your tree SVG with another background or even check out some of our collections, like the sun or moon, to create both a pretty backdrop and an easier shape to cut by hand.

Our free tree SVG collection has many eye-catching logo designs. Since a tree can symbolise growth and stability, rejuvenation and longevity, there’s really no end to the possible commercial application of this universal image, so see how deep the creative roots can grow.

...And a cartridge in a pear tree SVG file.

Trees lend themselves beautifully to various crafting projects, and so the tree SVG file is compatible with most design editing software and crafting machines. A laser cutter is ideal for making sturdier decorative items, out of wood or perspex. Meanwhile, the Cricut and Silhouette are great for crafting on fabric and paper, so it just depends how you’d like to grow your idea-tree.

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