Truck Clipart


If you’re a fan of a hefty vehicle, then look no further. Our truck-themed clipart collection includes a whole fleet of these brawny haulers, so you can have a ton of fun making some heavy-duty crafts.

Trucks are part of our daily lives, so it’s important to mark them as the essential vehicles that they are. Whether for agriculture, freight, deliveries, or moving home, we depend entirely on trucks and their hardworking drivers, especially in the toughest of times. So let’s put our clipart designs to work and create tributes worthy of these fantastic workers and their loyal steeds.

Truck Clipart Black and White

Now we know that many of the trucks that crafters and makers are looking for are those whimsical red trucks you see everywhere at Christmastime. While they certainly have their place in the decor and crafting world, we can’t forget about our black and white versions! With a line drawing or outlined graphic like these, creatives can put their personal touch on a design. Color that baby anything you want, whether it’s red for Christmas or teal version for Spring. The world is your coloring book with a black and white truck graphic!

Included in these designs are some great construction-style truck graphics too. These would be fantastic for use as a logo for a construction company or a handyman service.

Trucker Clipart

You may have seen various versions of the quote “makes the world go ‘round”, people, money, etc. We say semi-trucks make the world go-’round! Indeed, where would we be without these movers and haulers? If you have a little boy that loves these big trucks, then grab some clipart and make him something special. Try your hand at coloring sheets printed at home, or make his some unique poster art. Little girls love these trucks too!

If sublimation is your craft of choice, then grab some great colorful clipart and sublimate something special for yourself, your business, or the little ones in your life. These semi-truck designs would make perfect t-shirt graphics!

Clipart Fire Truck

Clipart Fire Truck Image 2
Clipart Fire Truck Image 3
Clipart Fire Truck Image 5
Clipart Fire Truck Image 6
Clipart Fire Truck Image 7
Clipart Fire Truck Image 8
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