Truck Clipart

If you’re a fan of a hefty vehicle, then look no further. Our truck clipart collection includes a whole fleet of these brawny haulers, so you can have a ton of fun making some heavy-duty crafts.

Trucks make the world go around, so it’s important to mark them as the essential vehicles that they are. Be it for agriculture, freight, deliveries or moving home, we depend entirely on trucks and their hardworking drivers, especially in the toughest of times. So let’s put our cliparts to work and design some tributes worthy of these amazing workers and their loyal steeds.

Fire Truck Clipart
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Honk your horn for some free truck clipart

Go off road and let your ideas get into gear with some of our awesome free truck clipart. We’re also offering some terrific discounts on many of our bundles so you can give your next artistic project some serious horsepower.

Truckers have to spend so much time on the open road, away from their families, their truck almost becomes a home away from home. If your friend or loved one is a trucker, then why not use your crafting talents to help them spruce up their driver’s cabin. You could make a little ornament that they could hang from their mirror, some stickers to liven up the dashboard or you could even try making them a travel pillow or blanket, for those times when they need to pull over and take a little kip before moving on. You could also use your clipart to help adorn the outside of the truck, but since this will see a lot more wear and tear, we recommend making a vinyl decal, as these are much sturdier and durable than regular stickers.

Add a truck clipart file to your haul

Beep beeeeep! Make way for the truck clipart file! With our dual licence, you can use your badass truck for crafting at home or for your business, so make sure you stock up on plenty of materials, fire up that printer and clear your schedule. Make sure to check out all our discounted bundles as well!

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