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Are you stuck for crafting ideas at the moment or suffering from crafters block? Well never fear, you’re bound to find something to inspire you in our range of Truck Vector. You’ll find designs you can add into email signatures to level up your branding, pictures that are perfect to add to greetings cards, there’s even illustrations that are great to use for sublimating onto a t-shirt.

Whether the holidays bring out the crafter in you or you are a full time crafter, you can always whip out your cutting machine and try out some of our fun ideas. Below are some Truck Vectors you can purchase from our website.

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Keep on truckin’ and crafting with your Free Truck Vector

Have you found a free Truck Vector that fits perfectly with your company's style and aesthetic but are unsure of how to get it to all tie in together on things like social media graphics? Well worry not, there is a handy tool that will leave your projects looking polished in no time! Did you know that you can access the color profile of any image you upload into Canva?

If you want your text or background color to match exactly to something you have on your Truck Vector all you need to do is highlight the layer or item you want to change, click on the color choice box and scroll down the left hand menu it opens up. Right at the bottom of that menu you’ll see ‘Photo Colors’ and Canva will have picked out the range of dominant colors in any images you have uploaded. Just changing the color or hue of something on your graphic to match a color that's already there can take your design from drab to fab.It makes it so easy to adjust your files to suit your company or brands color schemes!

Get those creative wheels turning with aTruck Vector File

You’re going to have as much fun browsing our collection as you are crafting with your favorite graphics. Your chosen Truck Vector file can help you DIY some one-of-a-kind pieces that will definitely make your next creative idea stand out. You can use your download with a regular printer, crafting machine or even a simple precision knife, as well as edit your designs in a variety of graphic software.

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