Clothing Mock Ups

Clothing mockups are perhaps the most common type of mockups used by graphic designers. After all, clothing is one of the basic human needs, is it not? The common type of clothing craft mockups are T-Shirt ones, especially those designed specifically for a particular event, a cause, funny wordings or a specific brand.

This, therefore, calls for a graphic designer to put much effort into their designs and their visualizations of them to make their client’s order unique and artistic at the same time.

Here are the craft mockups available for clothing in our site that will make your work as a designer easier:

Shirt Mockups MAUVE TRIBLEND allow you to place your artwork, photography or any wording on the free shirt provided and once purchased, you can place it on your shop for listing. Sounds simple right? That’s what we are here for, to make your work simple and still as artistic as possible. However, remember that this is a digital item and no physical item will be sent to you; it is after all just a visualization of what your shirt will look like.

Watch Mockups Set – Clothing involves more than just clothes themselves. The watch Mockup set provides a visualization of the design of the kind of watch you might want. You will, however, need to have a bit of knowledge in Adobe Photoshop to allow you to adjust the colours, angles patterns to fit you or your client’s liking.



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