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Fonts are perhaps the most important part of the embroidery. They are what make the piece you are creating worth looking at, and worth wowing about. Hence, choosing the right font that will appear in your piece is a very vital process. Here are different fonts available for embroidery;

Monogramia Font Embroidery Design: This type of font used in embroidery comes in a size of two inches, three inches and four inches. It is great when you are doing a piece of a fun beautiful piece. Keep in mind that you will need to have an embroidery machine in order to use it and your machine has to compatible with the files included which are; pec, pes, xxx, tap, jef, sew, exp, pcs, vip, vp3, dst, and hus.

Embroidery Fonts Split Monogram, Monogram:This design helps in making your piece look luscious and achieve the Victorian vintage look. However, it can only be used if you have an embroidery machine that you will be able to use to transfer the files to and edit and customize them accordingly. Once purchased, the designs come in different sizes in which some of the sizes include 4*4, 6*10 and 5*7.

VINTAGE COLLEGE DEPT_Pure: The Vintage College DEPT pure design is one that digitizes the letters of the alphabet of the English Language in a perfect way that can be used in embroidery machines for embroidery of pieces you like. This therefore includes all the lowercase and uppercase letters and the numbers 0-9. It comes in the following sizes: 1 inch (=25,4 mm), 1,5 inches (=38,1 mm), 2 inches (=50,8 mm), 3 inches (=76,2 mm) and 1 Plus, extra proposal Tatami stitches (3 inches = 76,2 mm).



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