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Organization and order are fundamental aspects of any and every life. This is especially true for everyone living in this era where life is rushed and it feels like you have to do everything all at once. Creating a proper sense of order is also important because as human beings we are forgetful in nature, making keeping track of all the things we have to do an uphill task. However, with adequate tools and resources, even the most hectic of lives can be managed. Thus is best done by making use of the concept of a planner.

A planner is a tool, digital or physical, that is used to list plans, schedules, appointments and details of the aforementioned items. Without clear routes to our plans, with room to consider all possible obstacles and thus contingency plans, they may never be realized.

Therefore, it is important to be well informed of all the best planner options you could use. The following are some planner types, tools and resources, you could utilize for a fun, functional planner.



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