Printable Checklists for Planners

Checklists are a wonderful way to add detail to your plans. Many times, we encounter challenges in our planning when it comes to execution. This is because it is easy to overlook minor details that could totally derail an entire plan. We may forget to factor in the time required for little activities that are needed to complete a larger task.

A checklist is a list of things within a task that are checked off, one after the other, to ensure a task is done systematically. This minimizes time wastage, foresees possible hurdles and makes a task look more manageable.

A checklist can be jotted down in a physical planner beside the task which it aims to explain. However, this is a feature that is best illustrated in digital planners, such as Microsoft Planner. In this case, to add a checklist, you would need to select the task to bring up its details. Then, you click “Add an Item” under “Checklist”. At this point, you start typing your list, only needing to type enter to add another item on your list. You can then set the checklist as the task preview to make it easy to see the activities on the list. You can either use a checklist or a document or image preview. From there, you can easily mark off activities once completed.

This is a very versatile tool as items in the checklist can also be promoted to tasks if they are realized to be more complicated than expected. This is done by selecting the task to bring up its items, pointing to the item you wish to promote and choosing the Promote item.



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